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Tool for executing XPath queries against FIM without going through it's web portal.

What it can do:
  • run any xpath query against FIM (you can choose what attributes will be fetched; all are fetched by default)
  • find objects by ID
  • display results in grid
  • display single object information in a dialog (double-click the grid row)
  • navigate through references (click on the ID link)
  • export displayed results to XML (this one produces the same results as FIM migration cmdlets: Export-FIMConfig / ConvertTo-FIMResource / ConvertFrom-FIMResource, read MSDN for more info)
  • import objects from XML (generated by FimExplorer or FIM cmdlets) and show them in grid; this can be useful for "offline" analysis
  • it is not required to run on a machine with FIM installed


It uses Predica.FimCommunication library library under the hood. It is referenced as a Git submodule. So after you clone the FimExplorer repository make sure to also run "git submodule init" and "git submodule update" commands to download it!

This project mirrors the original project hosted on GitHub.

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